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Public Policies, Programs and projects

All actions Impact are in Data and Process quality !

MyProg 6.0 is an incredible integrated platform dedicated to improve collaboration Intersectorial and interinstitutional initiatives. With MyProg 6.0, you will put together portfolios, programs, projects, policies and actions most of the time sources of Data flow....

MyProg 6.0 can help you get better action results!

MyProg 6.0 is a must-have to ensure dairly Data Quality Assessments (DQA) in your hypercomplex implementation environment...

MyProg 6.0 : A sustainable & adaptative approach!

MyProg 6.0 is a must-have to ensure dairly Data Quality Assessments (DQA) in your hypercomplex implementation environment...

Public Policies, projects, programs and portfolios data governance and management guidelines: Datastratege can support you in building, monitoring, staffing, evaluating, controling and review all your actions

Data plays a crucial role in public policies, programs, and projects. It is important to ensure data quality, availability, and accuracy for research and policy planning (Lanza, 2020). Data should be freely accessible for researchers to test new ideas and validate the work of others, while also protecting the privacy of respondents (Anderson, 2015). Flawed or non-generalizable data can lead to problems in estimating indicators and developing models for projecting the future (Conner, 2014). The use of big data presents opportunities for improving the quality and effectiveness of public services, but there are still open questions that need to be addressed (Azzone, 2018). The complexity of ecosystems that develop around data-supported policy making requires the involvement of multiple actors and the establishment of co-creation strategies within decision-making networks (Christopher & al, 2001). These issues are crucial in the evolving landscape of decision making in the era of data shake .

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