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We are World Wide, new, innovative and really responsive!

Datastratege is a world wide corporate business with collaborators and expert dispactched on the planet for every sector and initiative. Just as data is everywhere, Datastratege is in everything!

Datastratege, a secure support for your Data Strategy!

The quality of your decision-making system depends on your operations, processes and data. Limit their side effects while increasing their impact with Datastratege!

With Datastratege, your Limit is Beyond the Sky!

You have chosen Datastratege for your Digital and Datacoach? then the sky is no longer your limit!

We are Business with a team who brings Innovation in Data Strategy, Data Governance and Data Management global market

We make the same mistakes because we ignore the potential and power of the data resulting from our processes and operations. Indeed, our actions have influences on the quality of life and well-being of citizens by affecting territorial resources, social and environmental determinants. We therefore need to constantly measure and contain them by collecting data to which we will apply deep, assisted, and accelerated learning. Datastratege then appears as a real accelerator, catalyst, or incentive for this process with highly unpredictable dynamics, evolutionary and transformative. The components influencing the phenomena under observation being multidimensional, multifactorial, and very scalable, only a multidisciplinary and integrated approach can guarantee solutions with transversal and therefore sustainable scopes. Our experts are aware of this as they come from different disciplines including:

  • 1. Engineering and project management, development and R&D programs, land use planning, territorial intelligence and regional development,
  • 2. Computer engineering & artificial intelligence, Environmental engineering, integrated urban development, Actions, spatial and climatic justice, urban dynamics, stakeholder dynamics,
  • 3. Expression and integration of the needs of stakeholders including beneficiaries, data engineering, monitoring, evaluation and control of projects
  • So let's think global, think strategic, think factual and conclusive data.

Datastratege promotes and brings strategies, methodologies, digital tools and kills to definitly deal with our Data ecosystem. Because of the intersectoral and interinstitutional dimension of our interventions, let us urgently adopt a strategic, integrated and multidisciplinary approach if we want to work to safeguard the well-being.

At Datastratege, we help make it differently and otherwise! So let's think global, think strategic, think factual and conclusive data.


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Expert Team Members

Habila, Adamou DJIBO, PhDc.

Data Analyst, Statisticien, Mathematicien, Laval University PhD Candidate in Urban Planning and Regional Developpement, CANADA

Dener François, CEO, PhDc

Oragnisational operations, projects and processes engineering Expert, PhD in Projects management, Laval University PhDc Regional & Urban Planning, Datascience Expert, CANADA

Henriette Bernadin François, Vice-CEO, MSc.

Master in Marketing and Business Development, Accounting and Financial Expert, CANADA

Woodson, Inginac, BsC.

Accounting and Financial Expert, Global Acounting, Taxation and Finance Coordinator, CANADA

Yvon, Guerrier, PhDc.

Projects, Public Policies and International Coorporation Expert, Laval University PhD Expert, CEO Catedel, CANADA

Guerry, Corvil, MSc.

International projects Expert, Internal project manager and North America Division Coordinator, USA

Wesley, Saint-Pierre, MSc.

Senior IT project Manager and Expert, Innovation, Research and Devloper Coordinator, CANADA


Datastratege Representative, CHIMISTE R&D-Enseignant-Chercheur, Latine America and Caraibes

Jean Ernest, SAINT-JEAN, MSc.

Business Analyst, Latine America and Caraibes

James, Pierre, BSc.

Expert International, Jurist/Lawyer, USA

Marie Françoise Metellus, Vital, BsC.

Expert in gender and social inclusion & project designer at Datastratege world wide, CANADA

Jean Sauvener Ferle, MsC.

Public Health Prgram Administrtion Expert, CANDADA

Ketleine, Charles, MsC., PhDc

Sociologist, Gender and Social network building Expert, Laval University PhD Candidate in Sociology , CANADA


IT Infrastructure, Networking, and Software devlopment Expert, African Datastratege Representative and Coordinator, AFRICA (RFA)

Sara, Chouam, BsC.

Industrial Graphic, Web designer, digital product manager, AFRICA (Algeria)

Jean-Mary, Cayimithe, PhD

Mathematician and Applied Economic Expert,Data Scientist, PhD, Latine America and Caraibes

Nahum, Lafleur, PhD

Education and Languistic Expert, Latine Amrica and Caraibean

Brice, Saintil, MsC. PhDc

Education Expert, Latine Amrica and Caraibean

Widline, Serand, MsC.

Cooperation Project management and MEAL Expert Latine Amrica and Caraibean

Mélina, Seymour, PhDc.

Géographie et changements climatiques, CANDADA

Pavel, Desrosiers, PhD.

Public Health Prgram Administrtion Expert, CANDADA

CLivens, Desnoyers, MsC.

Regional Representative, Commercial and Customer Relationship Expert of Latine and Caraibean Market, USA

Dayana, CHERUBIN, MsC.

Public policies, Business process and operations management, Europa (France)

Fanord, Joseph, PhD

Sociology, Public Health Information System Management and MEAL Expert

Stanley, Duméus, PhD

Bioscience, Biotechnology and Genetic Expert, Public Health System Administration, BIOPOLE Lab Director, Teacher and Researcher, Latine America and Caraibes.

Carly, Baja, MSc.

IT System Expert, Senor IT Project Manager and Full Stack web Developer

Fevrun, SAUL MSc.

IT System Expert, Senor IT Project Manager and Full Stack web Developer

Pierre Roger, Bernadin, BSc.

Phythotechnicien, Aménagiste, Latine America and Caraibes

Nathaelle Buteau

Expert en Education