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To address the Data Learning process issues, Datastratege propose: The Datastratege Academy (DS-Academy)

Master in Data Science, AI and Business Intelligence in Partnership with Laval University and ESIH

In order to help professionals in the field of data sciences, Datastratege was the instigator of a professional Master's degree in Data Science, AI and Business Intelligence thanks to an incredible tripartite partnership between ESIH-Datastratege-ULaval. Note that other programs such as Bootcamps, Coding competition, Bachelor's program are also in sight in this specialized field of information and communication technologies.

Profile and academic orientation of the Master in Data Science, AI and Business Intelligence:

This highly renowned study leading to the Master 2 degree offers two orientations: The first one in Applied Data Science & AI and the other one in Intelligence and business risks in companies. Naturally, we accept profiles from all backgrounds or areas of academic training, but we must not neglect the weight of knowledge in programming languages, statistics, data modeling, algorithms and data processing. Are you interested? Start your preparation today in order to successfully pass the selection phase of the first cohort.

How to access this master's program in Data Science and AI?

This master's program will be accessible from Fall 2024 via the communication ecosystems of the three twinned institutions to make this select program possible: https://esih.edu, http://dsacademy.datastratege.ca/, https:ulaval.ca