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Business Process and Operations

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Business process, operations and  Data life cycle management

Business process management (BPM) and operations management are both important aspects of managing business organizations. BPM involves analyzing and improving the main activities of a company continuously, with the aim of achieving consistent results aligned with strategic objectives (AlHamad & al, 2022). Operations management, on the other hand, focuses on the design and control of business operations to provide goods and services efficiently (Goel & Lin, 2022; Zani & al, 2021). Business process models play a crucial role in supporting operations management by effectively utilizing available resources, identifying process inefficiencies, and enabling appropriate action when resources are limited or unavailable ( Goel & Lin, 2021; Alrawabdeh & al, 2022). The relationship between cost of quality and business process management is also explored, with lean operations being analyzed for their impact on cost of quality and cost effectiveness . Effective communication is highlighted as a core value in managing change within business operations, emphasizing the need for education and acceptance of change to move teams from the present condition to the future state .

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