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Our values, mission and vision

Our values, Foundations and our identity?

Who are we?

Datastratege is a highly innovative company, registered and operating under the provincial laws of Quebec and Canada, operating in the sectors of: digitalization, data sciences, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), high technologies, engineering entrepreneurial and commercial which fully integrates and prioritizes the principles and objectives of sustainable development

Our values?

Our values are the very foundation of our company. Datastratege is an inclusive company that exists by, for and with integrity, loyalty, respect, tolerance, humility, efficiency, sustainability, sustainable development, impactful strategic management, science, technology, confidentiality, security , performance, team spirit, strong interpersonal relationships, innovation, technological, scientific and technical-managerial monitoring, morality, exemplarity in everything, of/by its colleagues. May it indeed be so for each of our collaborators or aspirants, regardless of your color, origin, social rank, political-religious affiliation, age, sex/gender, opinion.

Our mission

Datastratege's mission is to offer its clientele, as varied as it is diverse, quality service in the field of data science, digitalization, artificial intelligence (AI), data engineering and related fields in Canada and around the world. To achieve this, it prioritizes free, standardized, scalable and sustainable tools with a view to integrating and promoting the principles of sustainable development.

Our vision

Our vision is to continually become an essential leader in our fields of expertise by providing diversified, varied, relevant, sustainable and quality services in the field of data coaching, governance and data management.

Our strengths?

The astonishing and dazzling expansion of Datastratege is due to the fact that it is the result of a unique product obtained from two complementaryly combined models, invented by its designer (the CEO) himself: The

Our business model?

Datastratege's business model is Business to Business to Customer (B2B2C) which allows us to invest and support the needs of all people (both physical and moral) for a successful and efficient experience of organizational processes digitalization.

Our winning strategy?

Our winning strategy is above all the result of our conviction in the potential of Data Sciences and AI to promote another managerial culture of sustainable impact focused on more global, inclusive and integrated management of our resources.

Confidentiality, discretion and level of clearance?

Confidentiality and discretion are at the heart of all thoughts, actions, reactions, sharing of information, access to archived or classified information, or other transactions taking place at Datastratege. Their levels therefore follow the hierarchical dynamics of positions/functions within the business and architectural model. Levels of authentication and authorization are therefore necessary to access information which is not a priori intended for everyone at a given time.