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Career management involves individuals determining their own career path and organizations selecting employees who will contribute to their success and future goals (Tandogan, 2018). Career development is a process that focuses on improving individuals' knowledge, skills, and talents, leading to both individual and organizational success (Tharenou, 2017). Contemporary career orientations emphasize the importance of being self-directed, values-driven, and flexible, and career self-management plays a crucial role in successful career development (Koen, 2021). Integration management is essential in the process of merging acquired companies with the parent organization, ensuring a smooth combination of operations and facilitating effective collaboration between the two entities (Ashkenas & Francis, 2000). Integration managers play a vital role in speeding up the merger process, creating a structure, fostering social connections, and engineering short-term successes (Davies, 1995). Overall, career management, orientation, and integration management are interconnected aspects that contribute to individual and organizational success in the ever-changing business world.

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