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Smart Farming management Approach

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We select the most innovative approach, skills and tools to bring the best of smart farming technologies to your business.

Smart farming data refers to the large and diverse datasets generated using modern technologies and smart devices in agriculture (Anil,& al, 2023;Wu & al, 2023). These datasets include information collected from IoT devices and sensors, as well as data related to agricultural production processes, crop patterns, and farm management (Alwis & al, 2022; Amiri-Zarand & al, 2022). The volume, velocity, and variety of these data sources classify them as big data (Nguyen & al, 2022). The analysis of smart farming data can provide valuable insights for decision-making in various aspects of farming, such as yield prediction, growth analysis, quality maintenance, and farm management. However, the proper utilization of smart farming data requires addressing challenges related to data categorization, optimization, accurate predictions, data challenges, and privacy concerns. By effectively managing and analyzing smart farming data, farmers and other stakeholders can improve productivity, crop yield, food quality, and profitability in the agricultural sector.

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Why choose us? Just Because we promote the green data perspective through a very realistic and holistic approach as declined below:

Our strategy?

Datastratge provides you with the methods, techniques and best practices necessary for strategic governance of your farm data. We support you from the planting idea to the marketing of your products using our ecommerce platforms and Datastratege's large world wide network. We are just here to start and growing with you.

With what tools?

We will accomplish all this with you by appropriating cutting-edge technologies available and intelligently applied to this specific field of activity. This specific tool includes agricultural drones, sensors and other suitable gadgets. But this collection is expected to evolve by following the movement and dynamics of technological development for this specific sector.

Our adapted product for you?

Datastratege's digital solution for you in this process is our "FARMOUS" for Farm of all Of US offering features that aim to assist you at each stage of the digital transformation process. In reality, your farm, your business is also Ours and we are proud of it. So, join us to effectively build this unique ecosystem which embodies enormous hope for our emerging countries.

Some key functionalities of ou digital solution dedicated to smart farming management.